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Leo Lysius is a published portraiture and fashion photographer based in NYC. 

 His love for being behind the camera comes through his experience

as a multifaceted creative artist. Leo early on took interest in fine arts and went on to study television production during high school. Leo's keen adaptive nature for producing fresh visual content comes from his creative background.  


Leo is a self-taught photographer, who later discovered that he was able to produce quality still images in addition to video after an experimental shoot with a model friend of his. The development of his photography style and unique way of creating media visuals came by way of experimenting more. As a result of a creative door opened up leading Leo to found his own media company MusicXclusives, LLC in 2010. 


The company covers all facets of event photography, providing press video coverage for concerts, showcases, recording artists, release parties, award shows and the like. Leo’s photography is mostly urban portraiture. His work has become known for its sharp and tasteful style. 


The Brooklyn-born photographer has developed expert knowledge on his craft and will continue to expand his abilities through all media forms.

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